Monday, August 15, 2016

Where in the World is Carm-...I mean, The Media Mom?

You're probably wondering why the blog went dark a few months ago. (Or no one actually reads this thing and I'm just talking to myself. In either case, HI!)
I know I've been as elusive as the infamous thief. But I can explain. Really!
To make a long story as short as possible, we sold our house (literally within 72 hours of listing it), packed up all our earthly goods, and moved a thousand miles away. That's not an exaggeration. It literally is a thousand miles away. That's right! This Florida city chick is now a certified North Carolina country girl. I mean, we got deer and everything.
In my yard, no less!
Obviously with packing a house, moving across country, unpacking a house, updating all the necessary stuff, and potty training a preschooler (yay, me), watching movies and reading books and writing about them totally got put on the back burner. And it took ages to find all my computer parts because in my rush top pack everything, some of it may have gotten disorganized. I still don't have speakers.

But, I'm back, the boys are on a (somewhat) normal schedule, and I even have a little time for pleasure reading again. (Not much, but some.)

So I'll definitely have all sorts of goodies coming down the pike for you. I still have to do a review of Kelly Martin's third Shattered Fairy Tale The Glass Coffin and I've got a few other posts in the works. Just bear with me as I try to put my life (and my PC) back together after so much upheaval. Your patience will be rewarded.
Because what isn't made better with an Alton Brown meme, amiright?


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